Azo Initiators > 2,2'-Azobisisovaleronitrile

Alias: AMBN, VAZO67, V59

Structural formula: 

Molecular Formula: C10H16N4

Molecular weight: 192.26

CAS No.: 13472-08-7

EC No.: 236-740-8

Appearance: White crystals

Content (HPLC): 99% or more

Features: oil-soluble Initiator

Melting point: 49-52℃

Activation energy: 125KJ/mol

Solubility: soluble in methanol, toluene, insoluble in water

10 hours half-life temperature: 67℃(In toluene)

Packing & transportation: 30Kg / cardboard drum

Hazard Category: Category 4.1 UN Number: 3236 Packing Category: II

Storage conditions: dark place, the temperature is below 25 ℃

Uses: polymerization Initiator of vinyl monomers, the main industry: for the process lower temperature than azobisisobutyronitrile .

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