As a professional company, Hangzhou Dingyue Chemicals Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and trade of rubber/plastic auxiliaries, basic chemical materials and accessories, etc. At present, we mainly produce dozens kinds of rubber/plastic auxiliaries (Rubber and plastic foaming agent and foaming auxiliaries), and are working hard on the development of special foaming agents and auxiliaries for specialty plastics and new rubber/plastic products. At the same time, we establish a well-operated purchase and sale system of basic chemical materials and accessories, thus we enjoy high reputations in this trade of our region.

Since our foundation, we have always been attaching great importance to technological innovation; now, we boast professional technical team experienced in foaming technologies, and cooperate with fine chemical professors of Zhejiang University of Technology to build a research laboratory to provide a large number of theoretical basis for the development of new products, inspection and analysis. We also closely cooperate with various foreign-owned enterprises to offer customers tailor-made processes, featured foaming agents and auxiliaries. We aim to get "mutual benefits" both on quality and profits.

Upholding the tenet of "Service, Innovation, Honesty, Diligence" and "be human-oriented", we have been working hard to form our featured corporate culture to build a good working environment and high cohesiveness, and we will, as always, offer clients the best services.


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