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Chemical Compositions

Sodium bicarbonate



Molecular Formula



White solid powder. Belongs to the endothermic foaming agent, without the use of activators, decomposition depends only on the heat and processing conditions, friction and pressure. The foam decomposition is relatively smooth, the main product of its decomposition is CO2, will not corrode the production and processing equipment. This product is white solid powder, the the residue of decomposition is white, does not affect the color of the product, so its products' whiteness is good. This product does not exist three waste pollution in the production process , so is a green product.

Technical index

Decomposition temperature 130-160℃
Gas evolution 120±5 ml/g (STP)
Average grain size 8μm

Main application

Mainly used in PVC and PS profile, sheet, sheet extrusion foam such as shutters, frames and other low-foam plastic products, TPR soles and high-grade PVC injection slippers, sandals.


25KG Each Packing, using bags, carton or paper drum according to the different needs of customers.


Odorless, non-toxic, good storage, self-extinguishing. Do not decompose at room temperature, bsould be stored in a cool, dry place. Keep away from hot steam pipe, fire source and avoid direct sunlight. No direct contact with acid, alkali! It is recommended that the Storage and mixing area have good ventilation, avoid inhalation of dust, deep skin contact and swallowing. In case of contact with skin, rinse immediately with water.

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