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Low temperature ACP series foaming agent

Decomposition temperature itself is low, without adding any agent to activate its decomposition;reducingof foaming additives, can reduce costs and avoid the variegated, so most suitable for the production of pure white foam products. As for the production of colored products, it can save a lot of paint, and can make the product color more bright nd realistic. Low-temperature ACP series of foaming agent can provide good cell structure products, its outstanding feature is the ability to produce more white EVA high-grade shoes, without affecting other physical properties. It is recommended to use this series of foaming agent at lower mixing temperature and normal vulcanization condition to avoid premature foaming, resulting in defects such as uneven cell and coarse hole. In most cases, foaming aids as active oxidants, more or less will affect the EVA and other polymer chains excellent rebound performance. Therefore, the use of low-temperature series of foaming agent, is conducive to the tensile and tear products, especially conducive to improving product elongation.

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